What is a Cadetship?

Cadetships are a way in which businesses can support students studying at tertiary level to develop practical experience in their chosen field of study. A cadetship is more than a scholarship. It is a wholistic approach to the development of a young person in a workplace. See how.

This support can take on a number of forms – from paid ‘work experience’ during semester break, to reimbursement to students to assist with their study.

Employers not only have an opportunity to support young people but it also gives them a chance to grow their own skilled work force, while trialling prospective future employees and assessing their skills and suitability for their organisation.

Cadetship models can be developed to meet the needs of both business and the cadets they are supporting.

In the Western Riverina, cadetships are offered by accountants. Here is an overview.

For information on cadetships in the IT industry, read more here.

Australian Government Departments offer cadetships. Read more.

For information on cadetships in Teaching (NSW), read more here.

Locally, cadetships are regularly offered by Pinnacle AccountantsPHL Surveying, and Murrumbidgee Irrigation.

Casella Family Brands have done and can do cadetships. Students finishing year 12 and wanting a winemaking or viticulture career are encouraged to contact the HR team.