Business: SunRice

Name: Tara Cassidy

Occupation: Warehouse & Distribution Manager

Years in the Workforce: 16 Years + 4 Years Maternity Leave

What do you do each day?

Manage a team of 25 employees including, Forklift operators, Fumigators, Rail Shunters and Heavy Vehicle Drivers. Our team manages warehouse space, Loads export product into shipping containers and dispatches by rail, we run an inter mill service which trucks product produced on site to our domestic distribution centre and Fumigate product to manage quality.

What do you like most about your job?

  • Every day offers a different challenge. Our environment is highly pressurised, short time frames to dispatch large volumes.
  • I particularly enjoy the compliance aspects of my role, Fumigation, Chain of Responsibility and Rail.
  • I enjoy analysing processes and identifying potential improvements

What did you do to qualify?

  • I have worked in a number of different business management roles across varied industries.
  • I completed a Cert IV OHS many years ago whilst on maternity leave, which has helped me in my role given safety is such a heavy focus in all businesses now days.
  • I have been lucky enough to complete many business specific leadership courses

What’s next in your career?

I am always very open to opportunities offered to me, I have never had a specific plan for my career other than to say yes to opportunities. This has afforded me many opportunities and roles I would never have foreseen myself in.

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